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Ride Day Routes

You may choose from 10, 25, 40, 65 or 100 mile routes.  Please note that mileages are approximate.  We may call one route 40 miles but in fact that true mileage may be closer to 39 miles.  Mileage is calculated via odometer in a vehicle, which will always differ from a bike computer.  In addition, mileage is accounted for from point to point, i.e. driveway to driveway, and therefore mileage between rest stops may compute more on your bike as you will ride into a rest stop to an area where you set your bike down, which will ultimately add mileage that is not calculated in our scouting vehicle because we are not pulling into rest stops, rather only calculating mileage as we pass the entry/exit of a rest stop.  

Please follow green route arrows on Ride Day as routes are subject to change.