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Premier Circle

The individuals listed below have all raised at least $2,500 and are members of the 2022 Premier Circle. We are inspired by and grateful for their efforts. Thank you Premier Circle Members!

Gina Malafronte, GMichael DeAngelis, Frank Soltesz, EJ Vongher, Michael Farber, Chip Schofield, Gary Dangle, Mark Czarnecki, Melissa Metcalf, Sandra Snabaitis, Steve Martovich, Caitlin Celella, Aubrey Zules, J. Andrew Celella, James Loughead, David DeMaio, Sunshine Sousa, Matthew Scully, Randy Harrison, Hunter Bouchard, Jay Cosgrove, Susan Faraone, Robert Bernier, Donald Smith, Erika Soto, Caroline Hendel, Walter Orf, James Sullivan, James DeMaio, Paul Egan, David Schatz, Connie Carpenter, Brian Hetherington, Amy Leger, Stephen Rappaport, Barbara Lane, Susan Kietzman, Evelyne Haldimann, Liz Egan, David Braun, Terry Reardon, Stephanie Hovey, Norman Bird, Joseph Locke, Angeliki Louvi, David Monz

Top Fundraising Individuals & Teams

We thank and applaud the individuals and teams below who are determined to go above and beyond with their fundraising efforts. Check out the leaderboards below to see the current rankings for top individuals and top teams.