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Whether we’re together or apart for the Closer to Free Ride, nothing is more important than your safety. Please review and become familiar with the following rules and tips to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy while riding and fundraising. Please check and follow your local government’s guidelines regarding recreational activities during COVID-19 to keep yourself and your fellow riders safe.


  • Don’t forget your helmet.  Every time you ride, you should wear a helmet
  • Wear bright and/or reflective clothing, even in the day time hours
  • Avoid wearing headphones so as to stay alert at all times
  • When riding with others, ride single file at all times, with the exception of passing
  • When passing, call out “On Your Left” when passing and make sure that you LOOK BEHIND you before pulling out to pass
  • Follow the rules of the road, as if you were driving a car
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Please make sure you are drinking both water and sports drink during your rides
  • If you’re not sweating and you’re not peeing, you are NOT hydrated!


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