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Thanks to our sponsor, Haynes Group, we are proud to bring you our app, which has a direct connection to your Closer to Free Ride fundraising page and dashboard. It has never been easier to fundraise or track your activity!

Download The Closer to Free Ride App sponsored by Haynes 

There are so many ways to use the App, including:

- Updating your fundraising page directly from the app
- Displaying or sending a personal QR code to ask for donations
- Messaging your donors, send thank yous and follow ups
- Checking your individual or team fundraising progress
- Tracking your activity via Strava, Apple Health and Fitbit

It’s easy to download with 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Download the DonorDrive App from your desired store (Apple or Google) and enter shortcode: 1250-100-548

Step 2: Open the app - Hit "Get started" then ”Find an Event” and type in Closer to Free

Once installed on your device, simply log in with the same username and password you used to register for the event (the same credentials you use to access your personal fundraising page). Important note: if you have prior versions of the CTF Ride App, it will no longer work. Please delete any older versions and follow the instructions above to download the new app.

Fundraising Milestones

Encourage your supporters by adding milestones to your profile! Watch the video below to learn how.