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Training and preparation is key to a successful Closer to Free Ride. From organized training Rides to comprehensive plans and our popular Strava Club there are plenty of ways to connect with the community and get your legs (and bike!) in shape for Ride Day!

Training Rides:

CTF Marshal Led training rides will take place starting late spring. Stay tuned for details!

Training Plans:

No matter what distance you choose to ride, training and preparation is important. Thanks to our sponsor, Zane's Cycles, below are suggested plans to help you (and your bike!) get in shape for your desired distance.

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Community Route Recommendations:

As the weather gets warmer we hope to see you out there training and enjoying the sunshine. Below are routes suggested by members of the CTF Ride community. Have a ride to suggest? Submit it here!

  • Shoreline - Guilford/Madison, CT (27.9 miles) recommended by rider Joe Marganski: link to route
  • Hamden, CT (25.8 miles) recommended by rider Doug Johnson: link to route
  • Deep River, CT (59.4 miles) recommended by rider Shelley Jolie: link to route
  • West Haven, CT (30 miles) recommended by rider Ed Barros: link to route
  • Oxford, CT (23.4 miles) recommended by rider Scott Capozza: link to route
  • Guilford, CT (30.5 miles) recommended by rider Elaine Homan: link to route
  • Branford, CT (31.3 miles) recommended by rider EJ Vongher: link to route

The Official CTF Ride Strava Club 

We encourage you to join our official Strava club to see where your fellow riders are and what miles they’re putting in! It’s an easy and fun way to connect with the community before, during and after ride day! To join the CTF Ride Strava Club:

Step 1: Create a free account (if you don’t already have one) and make sure you log in every time you ride so your miles add into our club total.


Step 2: Riding with Peloton or Zwift? Link your accounts to your Strava account so the miles you ride on either app get added to our Strava Club total.