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On September 7, 2024, our team will be participating in the Closer to Free Ride! We've committed to ride and fundraise to support cancer research and care for those who need it most - the families, patients and team at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center.  One hundred percent of the funds we raise will go directly towards changing and saving lives and we need you with us in this effort. This is bigger than one person on one bicycle.  Because so much is riding with us.

Courage Rides With Us.
Determination Rides With Us.
The People We’ve Lost Ride With Us.
The People in Treatment Ride With Us.

And above all…
Hope rides with us.

Join our team or donate to a team member or our group account. Thank you in advance for helping us bring the world Closer to Free of cancer and thank you for your generous donation!



Team Members

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