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Whether you're looking to fundraise on the go, need help getting started, or wish to use social media to recruit friends and family to join or donate to your Closer to Free Ride presented by Bank of America, we've got tools for you. Download our apps, images and more today to meet and exceed your CTF Ride goals!

Our Top Fundraising Tips

Need help getting started fundraising or need ideas to get those final donations in? Check out our top ten tips for Closer to Free Ride fundraising success. Click to see more.

  1. Take advantage of your online fundraising page. It’s already set up for you with standard content and ready to use emails to ask for donations. You can customize it with your own story and add a photo if you’d like. A recent study showed that participants who raise money online raise almost five times as much as those who only raise money offline. And if you use a personal photo and language on your page, your odds of raising more funds go way up!
  2. Make an “ask” list of everyone you know. Really, everyone. Your family, your co-workers, your high school boyfriend, your barber, your mechanic, your daughter’s best friend’s mother, everyone. Send a Facebook message, an email, a snail mail or drop off a letter to every one of them. You never know where your greatest support might come from, because you don’t know who in your community has been touched by cancer.
  3. Use your social media network to spread the word that you’re riding. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be successful and easy fundraising platforms. Be sure to provide a link to your personal fundraising page
  4. REMIND! On average, it takes three requests for Americans to make a charitable donation. Do not be shy about sending a follow-up email, continuing to post on social media, or even sending a repeat text to remind your friends and family to donate.
  5. Use your training and fundraising progress as a way to remind those who have not yet donated that there is stil time and to continue to thank those who have already contributed. Short status updates on social are a great way to do this (be sure to include a link to your fundraising page!). Keeping in touch with your donor base through as you get closer to the Ride will make your donors feel part of your journey.
  6. Develop a short “elevator pitch” which quickly and succinctly relates why you’re riding and raising funds for Smilow Cancer Hospital. The clearer and more personal your pitch, the more successful you’ll be.  Make sure you tell a story about why YOU are participating.
  7. Remember that you’ll never raise a dime from someone you don’t ask.
  8. Merchants you patronize are always good resources for donations. From the dry cleaner to your local coffee shop, businesses are just as willing to support their community as your friends are. Don’t be shy about asking them for a contribution!
  9. Make sure you thank each and every one of your donors after the Ride. That also helps seed the idea that you might be back to ask for their support (or invite them to join you!) again next year.

Connect to Social Media

You can share your Closer to Free Ride fundraising page anytime (and with pre-written posts!) by clicking on the social icons at the bottom of your fundraising page. To quickly find and view your page, search for your name above in the donate section. Click to see more 

By using the social icons you can connect to Facebook, send a tweet, post to LinkedIn and even email a direct link! And, if you're on a smartphone you can follow these same steps but as an extra perk, send a text to your contacts to ask for donations. Sending a donation ask has never been easier! 

Offline Donation Forms

All donations made by check must be accompanied with an offline donation form. Click to see more

Download the Offline Donation Form here

You can drop offline donations at our office during normal business hours OR mail them to our office.

  • Drop off: Selina Lewis Building, 1st Floor, Room H121, 659 George Street New Haven, CT 06511 (203)-688-9644
  • Mail: YNHH Office of Development, PO Box 1849, New Haven, CT 06508

Closer to Free Ride Mobile Apps

Your Closer to Free Ride is mobile!  Fundraise on the go with the Closer to Free Ride Mobile app.  Send emails, monitor your fundraising progress, and share your page directly from your smartphone via the Closer to Free Ride app. Download the app for iOS or Android today. Click to see more.

Download the App in the Apple App Store or Google Play App:


Your Closer To Free App Features Include:

Text for Donations and Thank Yous! The CTF app now allows you to text any contact in your device’s address book to request donations or send a thank you note. A link directly to your fundraising page will appear along with your text and you can even schedule texts to go out at a later date! Click here to view the tutorial video.

Easy Email Asks and Thanks. Schedule and send emails to request donations from or send thank you notes to contacts in your device’s address book. Donation and thank you emails are pre-written and ready to use (or you can write your own). Tip: It’s best to schedule these for Fridays or the 15th and 30th of the month when most people get paid and are feeling extra generous!

LinkedIn and Twitter posts. You can now schedule posts directly on LinkedIn and Twitter to reach an even larger audience of supporters. 

Fun Photo Customization! The app now allows you to select your own image to be posted with a message. You can select a photo from your camera roll and customize it with the CTF logo and a series of fun filters. (This option is also available through Twitter and LinkedIn, and you can save the custom photo to your camera roll to use in text messages and emails.)

Boost your fundraising with our Facebook Fundraising App. Automatically post pre-written (or your own customizable) posts in newsfeeds, update your profile picture to the Closer to Free Ride logo, and keep your Facebook friends up to date on your fundraising progress! Download the Facebook app from your participant dashboard.

Social Media Images

Spread the word about your Closer to Free Ride by using our downloadable social media images. Click to see more.

(Click on an image to enlarge - once enlarged right click on the image to either save or copy to post on your social page)