Joining these Training Rides is a great way to get ready for the Ride, and an even better way to meet some members of the Closer to Free family.  We'll be offering a variety of different types of training rides and clinics of varying distances and experience levels throughout the season.

Find a training ride that works for you, click on the event to see details and RSVP. It's as simple as that! Each event will have initals that are explained in detail below the calendar.

CTF Led Rides (CTF)

All Rides will be led by CTF Ride Volunteers. Each Ride will offer multiple route selections. These will begin May 26th.

The Devil's Gear Community Rides (DG-Comm)

These rides are run by The Devil's Gear for the general population. They aren't Closer to Free specific training rides, but offer additional opportunities for extra training miles in the saddle.  These rides take place every Saturday at 8am and will all depart from The Devil's Gear Bike Shop.

These rides are open to all but do not include any kind of instruction, and are generally aimed at folks who are already comfortable and experienced riding in a group. Please check in with the ride leader before the ride departs if you have questions or concerns about your ability to keep up.

Zanes's CTF Rides (Z-CTF)

These rides will begin May 7th and will be every Tuesday until the CTF Ride in September. This training ride will meet at Zane's Cycles in Branford  at 6:00 pm and leaves at 6:15 pm. 

*The Tuesday night ride is a slow pace none drop (flat) training ride that will teach beginner riders how to efficiently ride and be comfortable riding in a big group.