With five routes to choose from, the Closer to Free Ride presented by Bank of America offers cyclists of all abilities the the chance to be part of something spectacular. Whether you're ready to challenge yourself on your first century (100 miles!), if you want to ride further than you ever have before, or if you just want an fun ride with friends and family, This is Your Year. This is Your Ride.

Starting and ending at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, the CTF Ride delivers routes with awesome scenery, great route marking, and Rest Areas filled with full support from a seasoned and passionate Road Crew. All routes end triumphantly back at the Yale Bowl with a Finish Festival complete with food trucks, live music and a beer garden (21+ of course!). Whether this is your first Ride or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll be amazed at how well the CTF Ride takes care of you. 

Our 2020 routes are currently under development but are planned to be similar to 2019. For reference, our 2019 routes are below (click on images to enlarge). Please note that mileages are approximate - see note below.

CTF Century: 100 Miles

65 Mile Route 

40 Mile Route

25 Mile Route

10 Mile Route

Important Route Notes:

You may choose from 10, 25, 40, 65 or 100 mile routes.  Please note that mileages are approximate.  We may call one route 40 miles but in fact that true mileage may be closer to 39 miles.  Mileage is calculated via odometer in a vehicle, which will always differ from a bike computer.  In addition, mileage is accounted for from point to point, i.e. driveway to driveway, and therefore mileage between rest stops may compute more on your bike as you will ride into a rest stop to an area where you set your bike down, which will ultimately add mileage that is not calculated in our scouting vehicle because we are not pulling into rest stops, rather only calculating mileage as we pass the entry/exit of a rest stop