I am so pumped to do this ride for a 3rd year in a row! Last year, the last 10 miles or so, I had the pleasure of passing and getting passed and passing and getting passed by this awesome woman Erin. We officially met at the finish line and learned that she is a cancer survivor. I was so honored when she asked me to ride on her team this year: Team Wishes Do Come True. This is an incredible event, from hearing stories of survival, to seeing the patients cheering us on outside of Smilow, to getting my ass handed to me by survivors....especially up the ridiculous hill by Sleeping Giant. I hope you'll make a donation to our team, or you'll join us!! 100% of the funds we raise goes to research and patient care at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center. All the people at Smilow do amazing things for amazing people. 



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